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Whips & Chains

June 4, 2018

An introduction to the power of BDSM (Bondage & Discipline (B/D), Dominance & Submission (D/S), Sadomasochism (S&M).


BDSM is a highly erotic and stimulating psychological charge involving roleplaying, bondage play, bedroom games, sensation play, impact play, power, kinky play and more.  BDSM - Intensive sensation and exchange of power. Bondage: constricting of body, cuffs, confided in small space), bedroom games|  Discipline: (punishment, whipped, reward or punishment to correct behavior)  Dominance (physical dominant - top) submission ( physically submitting to the dominant - bottom) Sadomasochism (Drives pleasure by inflicting pain or seeing someone in pain ) 




 BDSM: A form of sexual  expression and language, couples usually chose between being dominant and or submissive, master or mistress, servant or slave. Many roles you can add to these  erotic sessions.  Some couples engage in these activities without knowing that they are actually  doing it. For example Bondage/ disciple... at times we might want to tie up our partner.. play around with some handcuffs or restraints to enhance sexual desires and pleasure, which in some ways, plays a part in BDSM (B/D).


These sexual practices engage in physical & psychological control and pain. There is several introductory videos and tutorials for beginners. Boundaries and limits should be  thoroughly discussed before acts of play. Safe words should be also used encase it becomes too much to endure. No pressure with scenes. Safe sane consensual acts. Also speak to your partner and discuss safety before play. There should always be BEFORE CARE and AFTER CARE-  always consent to acts on your own terms and make sure your practicing safe sexual choices!

What are some interactive pleasure zones you touched on with your partner to kick off roleplaying or any other form of BDSM? what safe words did you use during these acts?


Until Next Time...



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June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018

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